tak susah dalam mencari wasilah ke jalan-Nya, in shaa Allah.

Sunday, September 8, 2013


what I am going to type about is my new life in this new college from the same university since foundation. having chemical engineering course for woman and need four years to graduate. okay that is the intro.

the intro seems doesn't relate to the main post for this time :/

many things happen during this whole one week of the orientation. both bad and good memories keep in my mind. the worse I do keep think positive and never give to stay move on and awake. 

the best thing will be the best part. I need to STAY FOCUS no matter what's happening next cause I don't want to break my family's hope on me. it's giving me a big responsibility to be carried out with full spirit. 

the main part is not forgetting our Creature, no matter how lost we are, still need to get back to Allah because Allah is the only one who always understand me and us. the circumstances is the way Allah wants us to go back to the way it should be. 

Alhamdulillah, my own family do always support me,:')
every challenge has their own reward that really meant to us. May Allah ease everything and keep me stronger and stronger ! 

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